I hope....

[Ladies and Gentlemen, please say a big Hello together to our chief guest, mr.piyush hirpara]
I was starting my steps to go to the stage of IIT. Everyone cheer my name, and I also say significant hi to all of us. And I take a chair on the scene. One girl comes one stage. When I see her, I stand up with shocking expressions. I look at her; I ignore all crowd expressions. Suddenly I was a laugh on the stage. I am a chief guest; then, no one has an object on my laughing illustrations. She becomes nervous when she sees me. I say her, “before any question khaab. I have one question for you. Can I ask?” ( She is my past life crush. And I give her a beautiful name in my phone diary and its “khaab.”)
Khaab says,” sure, Piyush.”
I am very excited to ask her because for asking her this question, I am still waiting three years.
“I am characterless or not?”
She looks at me and says with the shock,
“you remember my word! I think you pass away and forget this.”
“I am a writer dear, how can I forget your spoil on myself.
“It’s unbelievable! I think I am wrong. You are not characterless !”
After her answer, I stand up on my chair and starting dance on the table. Everyone sees my shocking expressions. After a couple of time later I have happy tears in my eyes and I say her,
“You know what I am still doing all of the things to prove I am not characterless.”
“Piyush, good morning.”
Mom comes into my bedroom. I dance on my bedroom mom say,
“What happens, I think you see some amazing dream.”
I hope that dream becomes true….



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Piyush Hirpara

Piyush Hirpara

Creative Copywriter | Stunning Ghostwriter | value-driven content writer. The headline is a sense, And I love to craft it.